Best Way To Clean Your CPAP [CPAP Cleaner]

A hidden cause of constantly getting sick may be a dirty CPAP machine. Bacteria and other pathogens are trapped in your CPAP equipment and leaves you at a high risk of getting sick! The major of CPAP machine users do not have all the supplies needed to lower the risk.

If soap and water are just not cutting it, here are three easy cleaning ideas that will take your CPAP cleaning to the next level.

Unscented CPAP Cleaning Wipes

Unscented CPAP cleaning wipes are great for sanitizing CPAP masks. The wipes quickly clean dirt and facial oils from the CPAP mask but be careful using CPAP cleaning wipes that have a strong odor or scent. If you are like me, smelling daisies is good for the first 5 minutes, but after 8 hours it can be sickening.

CPAP Equipment Dryer

Are you the type of CPAP user that washes their CPAP equipment, lays out a towel for the mask parts, hangs the hose on the towel rod or shower head? If so, a CPAP equipment dryer may be a better solution. The dryer is an enclosed machine that CPAP equipment is placed and dried with warm static air.

CPAP Cleaning Machine

By far, the best way to clean a CPAP machine is using the CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer. CPAP cleaners kill 99.9% of CPAP pathogens. This includes the mask, hose, and humidifier. Check out our Comprehensive List of CPAP Cleaners