Should You Purchase A CPAP Cleaner?

Below are some warning signs that your CPAP machine needs a thorough cleaning:

A Sour Smell in Your Mask

When placing your CPAP mask on your face at night, is there a foul sour smell? Mold and mildew may be living in your CPAP mask. Masks and heated tubing are perfect environments for spooky things to grow.

Constantly Sick or an Unforgiving Sinus Infection

CPAP machines are a breeding ground for germs and they can live in your CPAP equipment. If you notice your sinuses are constantly inflamed or have an unforgiving nasal drip, a dirty CPAP may be to blame.

Skin Irritation Around Mask Placement

Facial oil from your skin, dry skin particles, and dirt inside your mask will sometimes lead to irritated skin around the area the mask is placed.

Proper CPAP cleaning may solve these problems. The SoClean CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs and sanitizes the CPAP mask and hose.

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