SoClean CPAP Cleaner: Top CPAP Cleaner Reviewed

Bottom Line: SoClean is the easiest and quickest CPAP cleaning machine solution on the market. Wake up, take off the mask, put it in. Done.

  • Serious CPAP users use SoClean.

  • SoClean is Amazon Prime available. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

  • Kills 99% of CPAP pathogens

  • No bagging system and only one cleaning cycle needed

Review Highlights

  • The SoClean CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer works great for my needs and is effective in cleaning my CPAP equipment.

  • The smell of ozone was present in the air and within my CPAP mask. For my nose, the smell of ozone was somewhat appealing. It triggers a sense of cleanliness in my brain. However, I have read other user reviews that strong dislike the scent of ozone in their masks. Again, this was not overwhelming in my experience.

  • The automated CPAP cleaning system is awesome and really useful. Scheduled daily use of SoClean will require an effort on your part. You will have to remember and make a routine of placing your CPAP mask inside the chamber (and closing the lid). This is harder than you would think. However, the ability to automatically clean your CPAP equipment puts Soclean head and shoulders above the other.

  • Filter and check valve (tubing) replacement is every 6 months. If your a CPAP user (and you are), it should be no surprise that a filter or hosing needs to be replaced. It will be no different with a CPAP cleaner.

  • Using a CPAP cleaner gives me the peace of mind that my CPAP equipment is clean and sanitized. Without a doubt it is the best way to clean a CPAP machine.

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What is SoClean?

Perhaps you saw this as seen on TV CPAP cleaner commercial (TrySoClean) promising to kill 99% of bacteria and pathogens within your CPAP equipment. It was undoubtedly the SoClean CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer.

The SoClean machine is an automated CPAP or BIPAP cleaning machine. Plain and simple it is a CPAP mask sanitizer, but also cleans your tubing and water chamber. It is the best CPAP sanitizer for 2019. Cleaning CPAP equipment usually involves the tedious process of taking the CPAP apart, painstakingly cleaning it and then waiting for it to dry. However, there is a better solution! Enter the SoClean CPAP cleaner to make the job easier.

After setting up the SoClean device, place your mask inside the sanitizing chamber, close the lid, and let the scheduled cleaning begin. If you are unsure if you need a CPAP cleaner, check out my post: Warning Signs that You Need a CPAP Cleaning Machine.

CPAP cleaning is really that easy. If you are asking yourself ‘Do CPAP cleaners really work?’, check out the independent lab results below.

Do CPAP Cleaners Really Work? (Scientifically Proven Results)

According to BioFocus (a professional lab performing verification of the SoClean sanitizing claims):

After one sanitizing cycle using the cleaner no bacteria or fungi was detected.

Additional lab results concluded that SoClean has a positive Log average including a Log 3 reduction (99.9% Disinfection) with many tests performing over a Log 4 reduction (99.99% Disinfection).

The official lab results may be view here: SoClean Lab Results

Reading between the lines, clearly SoClean successfully cleaned and sanitized the mask. When you purchase this device rest assured that your CPAP equipment will have the same result. The next question you’re probably asking yourself is: okay, it works, but how?

Ozone Explained

SoClean uses Ozone. Ozone is scientific slang for activated oxygen. Activated oxygen is used extensively for municipal water purification and is used by hospitals, food manufacturers, and within the hotel industry. For everyday folks, ozone may be used to rid a vehicle of the "new car smell". It is also used to eliminate unwanted odors in the home. In fact, the New York Department of Health has details of activated oxygen being used as an in-door air cleaner. Though its use may go unnoticed, ozone continues to be the method of choice when it comes to safe, effective sanitizing.

Ozone Cleaning Method Visualized

As the CPAP sanitizer generates activated oxygen, it is pushed into the CPAP reservoir. The activated oxygen travels through the hose into the chamber where the mask is placed. Everything exposed to activated oxygen is immediately sanitized. All generated ozone is contained within the SoClean system. Therefore protecting the CPAP internal electronics. Visualize the cleaning process like this:


Video Review of SoClean CPAP Cleaner (SoClean Setup)


I purchased the SoClean 2 CPAP cleaner and sanitizer with a Phillips Respironics DreamStation adapter from Amazon. The adapter is sold separately, however, for my order the DreamStation adapter was bundled with my SoClean. The package arrived in a single box which housed two boxes.

Dreamstation Adapter Information

The DreamStation adapter box contained the adapter and an auxiliary hose. The instructions for the adapter stated that the small hose may be discarded for the DreamStation CPAP setup. Different CPAP machines may need the additional hose. Be sure to reference the adapter users manual for exact instructions for your CPAP device.

The adapter is hard durable plastic, that once setup, will overlay the CPAP machines hose spout that is located above the humidifier water chamber. Additionally the attached hose will be inserted into the chamber and should sit at or below the water line. The SoClean CPAP Cleaner will sanitize the water within the chamber during its cleaning cycle. Below is an image of the DreamStation adapter.

Box Contents

The top of the SoClean box contained the users manual, a 1-year limited manufacturers warranty, an AC plugin adapter and a small bottle of SoClean branded neutralizing pre-wash. The pre-wash is hypoallergenic and fragrance fee. The pre-wash is for cleaning your CPAP mask, hose, and tubing. It is not for the SoClean CPAP cleaner. The CPAP cleaner uses no liquid for cleaning CPAP equipment.

Next within the box came the plastic styrofoam wrapped SoClean machine. My first impression of the device was that it was slick and simple. The SoClean is polished white plastic with a blue chamber that houses a CPAP mask. On either side of the device, a hole is present for the CPAP hose. The CPAP cleaner owner can decide which side they would like their CPAP hose to exit SoClean (depending on which side of the bed they sleep!). A single spring loaded button opens the CPAP cleaner lid. The inside of the lid has a rubber gasket similar to the rubber that surrounds the humidifier of a CPAP machine. This ensures an air tight seal. Within the cleaning chamber is an additional black hose that wraps around to the back of the device and terminates into a port that reads Ozone Output. A filter is located in the back right side of the chamber.

Connecting the SoClean to my DreamStation CPAP

This CPAP cleaning machine is amazingly easy to setup with the Phillips Respironics DreamStation adapter. After I unboxed the SoClean, the following steps were used to connect my DreamStation CPAP to the cleaner:

  • Note: Prior to setup, Soclean recommends that you wash your CPAP equipment by hand with the pre-wash liquid.

  • Removed the side port hose from the stock SoClean adapter

  • Plugged the hose into the side port of the DreamStation adapter

  • Threaded the small hose, located on the bottom of the DreamStation adapter, into the CPAP hosing hole (the small adapter hose will be at or below the typical water line within the humidifier)

  • Connected the CPAP mask hose into the DreamStation adapter

  • The setup is very minimal. In all, the total setup time was less than 5 minutes.

First Run


My first run of the SoClean CPAP cleaning machine was extremely easy. I wanted to see the CPAP cleaning machine in action before taking it into my bedroom so the entire setup was completed in the kitchen. After connecting my CPAP hose to the DreamStation adapter (that was connected to my DreamStation CPAP), I stuffed my full face CPAP mask into the SoClean.

At first, I was a little concerned. My CPAP mask and hose would not fit comfortably into the cleaning chamber. The issue was that the rubber lip of the CPAP hose would not clear the hole that SoClean intend it to exit (kind of odd to explain in words, but watch my video for a better understanding). However, after trying different approaches, I realized inserting the CPAP mask hose down would easy allow me to close the lid. With the SoClean lid closed, I pressed the "Manual" button.

The cleaning cycle was configured to last 7 minutes. During that time a red light was seen. This indicates that the SoClean was in the process of cleaning my equipment and generating activated oxygen. A yellow light is displayed after the cycle has completed and will remain yellow for two hours for disinfecting. Sanitizing is complete when the green light is seen.


After the cleaning cycle completed my CPAP was sanitized. There are various conflicting thoughts on the use of ozone for CPAP cleaning. For me, my mind is at ease because it requires less hand washing on a daily basis which was not being done on a regular schedule. The automation of Soclean and being a single contained unit, in itself, is money well spent. The SoClean price is roughly around $300. If thats a little more than what you expected to invest in a sleep apnea machine cleaner, check out Top 4 Cheap CPAP Cleaners [That Won't Break Your Wallet].

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Soclean FAQs

  1. Will I need an adapter for my SoClean?

  2. Is SoClean covered by health insurance or Medicare?

  3. Should I disconnect my CPAP from Soclean after using it?

    • The SoClean CPAP cleaning system is intended to stay connect to your CPAP. This allows you to easily keep your CPAP equipment sanitized.

  4. How durable is Soclean?

    • Simulation testing determined the SoClean may last 5 years or more. SoClean is under warranty for one year.

  5. Does the SoClean need to have replacement parts?

    • Like most CPAP equipment, filters and check valves are recommended to be replaced every 6 months. For information check out our article on the best place to purchase SoClean replacement parts.