Beware of Counterfeit SoClean Cartridge Filter Kits

Warning from the Company

Recent reports from SoClean indicates that counterfeit SoClean filter kits are being sold on Amazon and eBay. The counterfeit filters may damage your CPAP Cleaner. Likewise, the SoClean check valves may leak water, which in return, could damage any property near or around the check valve. Warning: Using a counterfeit product will void your product warranty.

Where to Buy an Authentic SoClean Cartridge Filter Kit

The company urges customers to purchase SoClean Filter Kits from SoClean only. These filter kits may be purchased from the SoClean website or SoClean marketplaces like Amazon. SoClean advises users to purchase filter kits that are from the authentic SoClean seller on Amazon and not a 3rd party.

The official Soclean filter kits on Amazon are listed below:

The Importance of Replacing Your Filter

Per the SoClean website, the filter converts activated oxygen back to regular oxygen as it leaves the SoClean chamber. While the check valve will prevent water from damaging your CPAP internal electronics. It is recommended that the filter and check valve be replaced every 6 months.

How to Replace a SoClean Filter and Check Vale

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