CPAP Cleaners: A Helpful Buying Guide

This is no means a complete list of CPAP cleaning products, however, if you are looking for specific products the list below is a good starting point.

Ozone Based CPAP Cleaners

Ozone based CPAP cleaners are the most popular CPAP cleaning machines. SoClean is by far the best of class for its automation, ability to schedule cleanings and is compacted in an "all-in-one" unit. For a full product review of SoClean, check out our SoClean CPAP Cleaner Review.

The generically branded CPAP cleaners are lower in cost but require a bagging system. This would require that all CPAP equipment be inserted into a sanitizing bag. In some instances, the CPAP mask will need to be cleaned using an additional cleaning cycle.

Ultraviolet Light Based CPAP Cleaners

Many CPAP cleaner users complain about the odor generated by ozone based CPAP cleaners. UV CPAP cleaning machines use ultraviolet rays to kill bacteria and generate no odor. If you are sensitive to smells or believe you may be sensitive to a strong chemical smell, the 3B Lumin is great alternative to an ozone cleaner.


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If you don’t take care of your CPAP machine, it may pose some health risks. It may expose you to infections, irritations, and diseases like pneumonia.

This is why it’s important to clean your CPAP the proper way. However, how do you ensure it’s free of illness-causing bacteria, mold, and such? Do CPAP cleaners work as advertised or are you better off cleaning your machine yourself?

You’ll need to clean your equipment yourself, but it’s best if you complement it with a cleaner. It will be able to reach the areas you won’t be able to reach. Here’s what to consider when choosing a cpap cleaner:


Before buying a CPAP cleaner, you must first ensure that it will fit your mask.

  • Measure your mask first or take the measurements specified by the manufacture

  • Determine if your particular cleaner can accommodate the size of the mask

  • Ensure the diameter of the hose adapter on the cleaner will properly fit your cpap hosing (ozone cleaners only)

  • When choosing a CPAP cleaner that uses a cleaning bag or chamber, the chamber/bag should be larger than the mask. It should be able to encase the whole mask without any part sticking out. Otherwise, it may not be able to clean and sanitize your cpap equipment properly.

  • Check with the manufacturer of the cleaner to see if it’s compatible with your machine. Some provide a compatibility chart or tool on their website so you can check if your machine’s brand and model is compatible (such as SoClean).


The CPAP cleaner should be able to clean and sanitize not only the mask but the other parts of your machine, as well. This includes the hose and the reservoir. Depending on the method of cleansing used by the device, you may have to disassemble your set-up.

Although it should be big enough to accommodate all of your CPAP equipment, the size of the cleaner should be taken into consideration. If you are traveling with a cleaner, the larger cleaners (such as Lumin or SoClean) will not be easy to transport on planes or that weekend camping trip.


Regardless of the method of sanitation, it is important that your CPAP equipment is kept dry. Even a drop of water in the machine is enough for fungus and mold to breed, and you don’t want to breathe that in all night!

A cleaner should have the ability to keep your cpap equipment dry. When washing your mask and tubing by hand, it is inevitable that moisture will be left behind. Combining weekly hand washing and daily automation cleaning is a best practice.

Note that moisture may fill your CPAP machine by ways other than cleaning it with water.


The most advanced cleaners with extra features may be expensive. Still, if it means it has optimal cleaning and disinfection, it might be worth the extra dollars.

However, you might not need some of the extra features that can drive up the cost. There are basic models out there that can clean as well as the high-priced models.

Ongoing costs, like replacement filters or bags for ozone cleaners, should be considered into your CPAP maintenance costs. Replacement parts will likely need to be purchased every few months.

How To Clean With CPAP cleaner

The video below shows basic instructions for cleaning a CPAP with a low cost cleaner.

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